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... I regret NOTHING. O3O


I feel like I need to explain a few things...?

Uhh... Let's see... There's:

:bulletred: Transferring to a 4 year college thus more work piled on me (I AM majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education soooo...)
:bulletorange: Lack of motivation due to first bullet and just boredom altogether
:bulletyellow: Seeking of part-time employment, which is so far unsuccessful... I need a job to get experience, they won't hire me because I don't have experience... :I See my problem here?
:bulletgreen: The remainder of my time in Rainbow (I'm out in mid-July, which is sad for me :C)
:bulletblue: Mom having surgery thus me taking care of her (long story)
:bulletpurple: My now lack of a social life due to many reasons that I shall not get into

... Yeah... You probably are thinking that it's the same old stuff I have used over and over again but it's the truth... I simply have no time or motivation to continue with dA anymore...

I mean, I'll still post a few pictures every now and again but I guess that's probably all I'll be doing from now on :(

I feel terrible not keeping up with you guys and everything, but apparently, everyone is moving on from dA to other websites such as tumblr so I think I'll be doing the same...

I've had my tumblr for about half a year now and I really enjoy it :) So if you want, you can follow me here:

Don't be surprised when you see a bunch of random stuff on there like hetalia and motivational posts and psa's and among other things lol XD

But yes, I kinda moved on to bigger and better things... Sorry guys :(
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ChibySmiley! CB
United States
Hey guys! It's Chiby on dA! :D

Few things about me:
:bulletred: I'm a college student! :)
:bulletorange: I like to doodle, write stories and animate when I get the chance or feel like it.
:bulletyellow: Sorry, boys, but I'm taken! ;P
:bulletgreen: I love Harry Potter and anime (I currently enjoy Hetalia xP)
:bulletblue: Whenever I have an idea for a drawing or an animation, I'm either too busy to do it or too lazy to sit down and start it... So I apologize in advance... =__=
:bulletpurple: I don't take shit so don't even start with me... B(
:bulletpink: I feel like I have multiple personality disorder (which I don't)... Around my friends and family: CRAZY. :dummy: Around strangers or people I don't know: Gentle and calm... :meow:

Oh look I have an UTAU youtube account
Oh look I have a fanfiction
Oh look I have a Twitter
Oh look I have a Tumblr
Oh look I have a Facebook

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